Great Eyeballs

Elektric Disco Jazz is the second CD from the group Great Eyeballs. This album, released exactly one year after their debut album “Great Songs By …”, was out in January 2012 on ‘The Sand Records’ . They have opted for a concept whereby all the pieces overlap and run into each other. Musical interludes connect with acoustic soundscapes; disco and funk mixed with African grooves alternate with lyrical and atmospheric ballads like “Julia” by The Beatles. Like their first album, with each piece they are searching for new musical boundaries.

The band has been established for four years now, with the original line-up unchanged. On Elektric Disco Jazz you will doubtless be able to hear the development that Great Eyeballs has been through. With many live performances and inspired experimentation in the studio, the band seems to have reinvented itself within just one year: the sound is personal, warm and energetic. There is plenty of improvisation on their own original compositions, where they are not afraid to let go of conventional structures. Musically, the limits are being pushed but without losing sight of their objective. When performed live, the songs are glued together and interconnected, creating a roller-coaster experience for the audience.

Band leader Berthil Busstra, known from The BuzzBros, has surrounded himself with versatile musicians. Guitarist Tim Langedijk has made fame with his own trio, playing in major venues both in The Netherlands and abroad. Bassist Udo Pannekeet is known from his band Pitch Pine Project, which plays at all the major festivals. Drummer Marc Schenk toured in Asia last year with The BuzzBros, and percussionist Martin Verdonk has toured with Chaka Khan and Steve Winwood and many other international artists.

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