Laura Vane & The Vipertones

Since this story started in 2009. Their fan base already spans over many cities and countries. Laura Vane & The Vipertones worked the underground Funk and Soul scene where their first two albums were received with tremendous warmth, anticipation and excitement. Now, as they move slightly away from this familiar territory, they begin to morph their musicality and style into something altogether more raw and seductive to the contemporary song chaser.

Laura aka ‘Miss honey-over-sandpaper tones’ adds the English touch to the well crafted Dutch ensemble. Composers Phil Martin & Ton van der Kolk have seen much success and have a long standing history of producing records for acts such as AIFF, The Soul Snatchers, The Jazzinvaders, Dr Lonnie Smith, Social Beats Records and Unique Records. They have an unstoppable energy and talent for developing grooves with mainstream appeal. Songwriter and vocalist Laura Vane has also been releasing records for some time with artists such as The Streets, Gnarls Barkley, Lewis Taylor, Mj Cole, Part Time Heroes, Diesler and Kidda. She stamps each song with multi-layered vocals and her own distinctive songwriting style.

Since their self-titled debut album sent ripples through Europe in 2009 with it’s dance-floor Funk and steamy Soul, Laura and The Vipertones have arrived with a big bang on the scene. Their heavy funk tune ‘Roof Off’ has gained a reputation for being one of the most played dance tracks on the B-Boy scene across the world since 2011. Walt Disney Channel used the bands music. Their follow up album ‘Sugar Fix’ was a clear and vibrant progression, showcasing the bands ability to march up the pop-soul path whilst never compromising their musicality and staying strong with the hooks.

‘Bodyquake’ is their eagerly awaited third album on which the band pushes out a little further into the field. Mixing up many styles, it’s clear that music is their playground and they aren’t about to stop having fun! The album radiates grand contrasts where both obvious grooves and delicate subtleties are equally celebrated. Modern soulful pop tunes with a touch of rawness to it. There is no track to skip, they are all ‘Bodyquakers’.

Laura and the guys have enjoyed playing in intimate half-lit hot-spots in the hearts of many cities and to crowds of thousands at festivals all around Europe. With their new album set for release in spring of 2014, they are determined to continue connecting with many music lovers along the way, and spark the hearts of new audiences across the globe. For more info check their official website

Line Up:

  • Laura Vane – Vocals (The Streets, Part Time Heroes, Hint, Diesler)
  • Ton Van Der Kolk – Bass (Soul Snatchers, AIFF)
  • Phil Martin – Drums (Jazzinvaders, Jaffa, Black Tie Electrons)
  • Frank Montis – Keys (DelMontis, Organtonation)
  • Eric Van Dijsseldonk – Guitar (Ricky Koole, Leo Blokhuis, De Gigantjes)


Paul Thornton (Dig Deep Radio Show, Preston FM, UK) – “Thanks for all the great tunage of late (Social Beats and of course your own stuff – all brill), and that you can expect to see them appearing in my playlists in the next couple of shows.

Huw Ellis (Knowfool, Sydney, Australia) – “Hello! Thanks for the tunes. ‘Man of Your Word’ is quite a belter!”

Francesco Adinolfi (Popcorner, RAI, Radio 2, Italy) – “I was definetely looking forward to receiving Laura’s tracks. I love’em and will soon add both to my Italy’s national radio show, Popcorner. Thanx so much.”

Snow Boy (UK) – “‘Steam’ is going to do very well in the Funk scene mate, well done. Very exciting. I’ll interview Laura for Blues And Soul when the album comes out so keep me informed of that, and I’ll review the 45 in Febs Blues And Soul.”

Nick Record Kick (Record Kicks, Milan, Italy) – “love it, a bright new star on the new deep funk scene!”

Koen De Bruyn (, Belgium) – “Wonderfull!!! Both songs will air! ;)”

Dom Servini (Wah Wah 45/Radio DJ/Music Journalist, London, UK) – “Proper proper proper!!!!! I’m all over this tune love. We love Laura! xxxx”

Tony Lansdowne ( – “4/5… some dope new dancefloor deep funk…”

Paul Ballard (BaseFM 107.3, Auckland, New Zealand) – “Nice one, thanks for those. The new ‘Steam’ track is lovely and I will drop it on Saturday’s show. She has a great voice and really knows how to rock things when she needs to!”

Enrique Domenech (Fusionova021records Radioshow, Ibiza Sonica 95.2FM, Spain) – “Wicked!!! On todays show I played Laura´s track Steam”

Angel Mishev (Groovy Sessions, Radio Nova, Sofia, Bulgaria) – “Very quality soulful funk production in here. Lovin the “Steam” track, could be a little bit longer though! Cant wait for the LP!”

The Jazzinvaders Live @ Radio Rijnmond – 2016
The Jazzinvaders ft Dr. Lonnie Smith Live – 2013

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