Organ Tonation

Organ Tonation is a new project, founded by Hammond player Frank Montis (Delmontis, Laura Vane & the Vipertones) and drummer Lean Robbemont (Alain Clark, Delmontis) in October 2011, expanded with the guitar strumming skills of Aron Raams (Gare du Nord) early 2012. Inspired by the sound of the old hammond trio’s Organ Tonation salutes old masters like Jimmy Smith, Jimmy McGriff and Jack McDuff but doesn’t fear the influences of today. Trying to find a balanced mix between the grooves of the 60’s and modern beats while the the organ roars like it always has and always will, providing the audience with that gut feeling of wanting more. Organ Tonation plays work of their own as well as tributes to the musical heritage of the legends of the B3. As of 2016 drummer Lean (too busy with other projects) is replaced by Marc Schenk.

Organ Tonation: A sexy groove machine to honor the king of the Jungle: The Hammond B3!

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Organ Tonation Live @ Radio 6

Soul Song (Shirley Scott) by Montis, Raams & Schenk