6e Album The Jazzinvaders – Last Summer In Rio

sep 10, 2021

New album ‘Last Summer In Rio’ – OUT NOW

‘Samba Doido (Crazy Samba)’ is definitely the best term to describe the music of Brazilian band Azymuth. Drummer and bandleader Phil Martin of the Jazzinvaders has been a fan for years. In 2014 The Jazzinvaders were offered an opportunity to work with Azymuth’s bassist Alex Malheiros and drummer Ivan Conti Mamão. After meeting and gigging they decided it would be fun to spend some days in the studio to record some and see what would happen. When the opportunity occurred, new material was written on the spot and some Azymuth classics received the Jazzinvaders treatment. In practically no time (two days) there appeared to be a completely spontaneous recorded album!
Now in 2021 the album “Last Summer in Rio” is finally released worldwide after it’s initial release in Japan back in 2019. It contains five brand new tracks and five re-arranged Azymuth classics. Just like the band did on their previous albums, they managed to stick to their trademark and typical ‘Jazzinvaders Sound’. This time combined with nicely flavoured and surprising samba beats by Alex and Ivan. On top of that Lilian Vieira (Zuco 103) added some extra vocal spices. What a treat!

The Jazzinvaders unique sound allowed the band to tour all over the world over the past 15 years playing lots of festivals and clubs in countries like Germany, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Austria and also Japan! The bands releases can be found all over the globe and the media seem to like the band a lot too.

On ‘Last Summer in Rio’ The Jazzinvaders present jazz in a refreshing way like no one else can; two steps back and three steps forward. By starting with a groove, The Jazzinvaders will initiate a journey taking the listener where probably someone has gone before, but no one has returned from yet!

After the release of two digital singles recently, ‘Last Summer in Rio’ will be available worldwide on CD and Vinyl on September 10th 2021. The album is already out on all available streaming platforms since august 12th. So don’t wait any longer it give the album a spin.

YOU CAN FIND IT HERE: Spotify – Deezer – Amazon – Apple Music – YouTube