The next few weeks a lot is happening in Rotterdam (NL) and Artvark is involved with quite some events! Next Friday the 18th of June, Artvark SQ will perform at the closing night of the 41st Poetry International Festival in the main hall of De Rotterdamse Schouwburg. This will be a special performance, not a regular concert! Later that night, Artvark will be joined by the Lewinsky Quartet for a unique concert in the foyer.

A week later, Saturday the 26th of June, the ‘Dag van de Architectuur’ (‘Architecture Day’) will be held in Holland, also in Rotterdam. Artvark will give a full concert (2 sets) from 2 pm in De Machinist, (a beautiful restored former steam engine school), Willem Buytewechstraat 45.

The 3rd of July, during the North Sea Round Town Festival in Rotterdam, Artvark will give a house concert (2 sets) in a ‘secret’ location at the Nieuwe Binnenweg, starting 3.30 pm. The concert is hosted by Live in Your Livingroom and reservations are necessary!

The weekend of 9 to 11 July, Rotterdam will be the very center of the jazz world: the famous North Sea Jazz Festival will be held! This is the biggest indoor jazz festival in the world and we’re proud to announce that Sunday the 11th of July, Artvark will perform the project ‘busy, busy, busy’, a collaboration with New Niks (the quartet of drummer Arend Niks) in the Missouri tent. We will start at 4.30 pm.

To reveil some of the nice stuff after summer: September 9th, the project ‘busy, busy, busy’ is booked by the Bimhuis, Amsterdam. This is in fact a reprise after the premiere held in March ’09! November the 5th, Artvark will have a double bill with the Ploctones in het Burger Weeshuis in Deventer (NL). More is in store, but let’s save some for the next time! Meanwhile just visit for more info.