Artvark Saxophone Quartet on Opium TV. With special attention by John Buijsman [in Dutch] for the CD presentation of the Artvark Saxophone Quartet in co-oporation with Kees van Kooten.The new album of Artvark “TRuffles” is disc we are really proud of. It’s a swinging album that was recorded in the beautiful Fattoria Musica Studio in Osnabrück, Germany. They describe themselves as a saxophone quartet where all the dust has been whiped of.On Sunday 10th of January 2010 Artvark presented their long awaited album ‘Truffles’. The presentation has been held in ‘De Unie’ in Rotterdam. Writer/actor John Buijsman visited the CD presentation of their new CD “Truffles”, which was a special collaboration with Dutch celebrity and writer/actor Kees van Kooten. Watch the footage here