Phil Martin

Deejay Phil Martin started (seriously) dj-ing about 10 years ago. Around that time there wasn’t any place in my hometown where I could dance to the music I liked. So I did what I thought was best: starting my own dance night together with my best-friend. We called it The Beat Club and now, many years later, it’s the most successful monthly dance event around. The Beat Club reflects the way I think dance music should sound like. I call it roots music, music that comes from the heart, not the mind. It’s music that has always got some jazz, funk, Brazilian or African roots in it.

The most difficult question that people can ask me is: ‘what kind of music do you play as a DJ?’ I don’t have a certain style I guess. I basically play any music of which I feel is ‘real’. So when you hear me DJ-ing, you can dance to rare funk, jazz, dub, disco, hiphop, afro beat, samba, Latin…. Roots music that is! So I guess I have a style after all! Yesss. DJ-ing with live musicI love playing with the whole band, but sometimes that’s not possible. Still I love the interaction with musicians on stage, so I ask all these great musicians to play along while I’m spinning some records. It’s really fun to do and the crowd goes crazy with it. Recently I started also my own podcast as i’m the label owner of Socialbeats, check the podcast link on the frontpage to get an impression of all kinds of music i’m in.