Laura and the Vipertones take the demand for new Christmas songs very seriously and dared to do their own. Yeah, you heard right! It’s here and it’s damn funky! So, if you want to replenish your seasonal compilation album then they’ve what you need. In order to download this exclusive new track, all you have to do is join the mailinglist on their website!

Fill in your details and you’ll receive a little ‘Hello!’ email from us with a link to enable you to download ‘Christmas Day With Me’ straight away, for nothing, nada! BING! There it is. All laid out neatly for ya! It’s a double whammy really coz then you also get to hear more about their touring stories, new gigs dates and developments on the album*2 before anyone else too! Yeah, see? I knew you’d like it. Tell your mates too! We are looking forward to our Christmas single making appearances on national television and radio in Poland and US to start… but it is infectious. I warn you.