Woooooaaaaahhhh it’s been a while! Hasn’t it? Don’t worry and don’t panic, Laura and her boys are still here, making music and doing shows. The band just had to cool off for a little bit while Laura took care of family business and Phil and Ton were busy releasing new records with other projects!  So, August is the start of many recording sessions for album 3. Over the past few months Laura and the guys have been busy writing new ideas and trying out new sounds. It’s fair to say that certainly the main ingredients will be the same (Laura’s voice, Phil’s drums and Ton’s bass lines) however, there is a fresh direction with different styles creeping in.

At the moment it’s really exciting for the band to listen to how things develop and we’re sorry we can’t share them with you just yet… who knows, maybe there will be a sneaky taster rolling around out there later in the year for you die-hard fans!

On Laura’s last trip the band performed for an audience on evening in Tilburg (there is a TV interview and radio interview online, see below) and then Laura spent the rest of the week recording vocals for the new album. We’re all very happy with how things are sounding and can’t wait for you to hear them too.

The band has very few shows left this year but who knows… maybe there’s more coming. Next stop will be in Oldenzaal next month, so don’t hesitate to get yourself down there and join Laura and the boys!