Shortly before the Schelde Jazzfestival, we offer you the chance to get to know some of the artists a little better. Today, meet British singer Laura Vane who will perform at Scheldejazz with her Vipertones!

Considering genres, you’re all over the place! From soul and funk to dance and dubstep: where does this diversity come from, and what does it mean to you?

It means I’m completely confused! No, seriously, I love to excercise writing in all kinds of genres and I think as a song writer it’s very important to challenge yourself this way. Great songs shine in any genre and I strive to write strong and versatile songs. That’s why I have a range of styles I like to dabble in. It’s fun and you can’t always know what you’re getting with me!

This last couple of years, Laura Vane & The Vipertones have turned out to be successful combination. What is it like working with those Dutchies, and how do you like performing in different countries?

Ah, the Dutchies. My Dutchy goodness. It’s super working with them. I find their professionalism, attitude and not to mention least, their talent an absolute joy to be around. They are all great musicians and when we’re on stage it’s like a little party, with the naughty boys in ‘brass corner’.

Performing in different countries is wicked! I love to perform at home, but it’s always enriching, exciting and humbling to play for new audiences in different countries. I like to feel that after a gig the band, myself and the audience have made a real connection and music of course is a universal power that brings people together. That always shows.

Now that you’re doing all these different projects, do you have a specific goal for the future? What do you still want to do, or what do you want to work towards (great cliché question, this one)?

For me, I will always, always sing. It’s my passion, it’s who I am. I will be singing into the future (and beyond) without any doubt, either in studios or, preferably, on stage (because I’m a big show off!). But something that I am already working towards is making some connections with other singers who I can write for. I want to continue writing for others as well as myself and it’s really interesting and inspiring for me to think that in the future I could be writing for or with other artists for their albums.

Getting curious? Laura Vane & The Vipertones perform at Scheldejazz this Saturday at 8PM. Come enjoy this little party for free!