The Jazzinvaders started recording their 3rd album. This time, the focus will be more on vocal jazztunes, hence a leading role for singer Linda Bloemhard. But that’s not all, also the instrumentation will be a bit different: they’ve welcomed the sound of the electric bass and electric pianos. It is all in progress, but it will definitely get The Jazzinvaders to the next level. Within this process of movement the line-up of the Jazzinvaders has also undergone a change. The wonderful pianist Erwin Hoorweg and equally brilliant sax player Tom Beek have decided to spend more time on their own projects. In their place, The Jazzinvaders have found some excellent new bandmembers to complete the new album and to perform on stage like Berthil Bustra on Keys and special request tenorsaxophonist Guido Nijs!