On august 3rd ’12, Unique Records released a new compilation in the New Testament of Funk collection. The New Testament of Funk is a melting pot of known and unknown dancefloor pearls. Here on this compilation (only available as download) we have 4 bonus tracks!! Metrophonic´s “Latin Racer” is a classic Nu-Jazz track loaded with the funk that counts!! With Diesler, Laura Vane & The Vipertones , Jaffa and the Soul Snatchers , Henry Storch had to place four nice killers from the last 2 years!! Enjoy!! For a lot of Dj´s the “New Testament Of Funk” was a change of style…you can play this to many different audiences from Hip Hop to Rock from Funk to Soul lovers! Real drums! No plastique!!!! 


01. High Fidelity – Cream Of Beats (Metro Remix)  02. N.O.H.A. – King Of The Dancehall 03. Ben Human – Eye 2 04. Phil Martin’s Mystical Funk – Here We Go Again 05. Boca 45 – La Bombanera 06. The Mooncakes Project – Feelin Good 07. Break A Lick Cooperation – Seven Seven 08. Bandura – Lost Luggage 09. The Soul Snatchers – Sniffin’ & Snatchin’ 10. The Sweet Vandals – Do It Right 11. Boca 45 – Make’s No Sense 12. Tim Wood – Birdy Nam Nam  13. Smoove – He Won’t Get Far 14. Metrophonics feat. Mel Collins – Latin Racer 15. Diesler – Back To My Old Tricks (feat. Linda Bloemhard) 16. Jaffa – Help Me Out 17. Laura Vane & The Vipertones – Mean Lover 18. The Soul Snatchers – The Chase