For a unique and contrasting take on the original songs from their debut album, Laura Vane & The Vipertones have called upon their ‘family’ of Soul, Funk and Nu Jazz artists for remixes which will compile the new LP. The group have also been busy throwing out the cheeky B-sides every now and then and the promise of more new music holds strong. Drawbar put a great twist on ‘The Squeeze’ with a percussion-lead dance track, whereas AIFF completely reworked ‘Did It Anyway’ with a heavy and lazy reggae feel. The UK’s Part Time Heroes have revamped ‘No Words’ with a very powerful and emotive approach, as well as providing a floor-stomping take on ‘Mean Lover’. Diesler compliments the collection with his remix of ‘Roof Off’, guaranteed to keep any dance floor raging. The LP shows fantastic and inspiring contrast, and each song packs a punch! Check it out here on iTunes