If you don’t like dancin’ you’d better start reading something else. Otherwise The Soul Snatchers will kick you on the dancefloor, no matter what or who you are! That’s exactely what they’ve doing over the past year out there in the clubs and now it’s on vinyl as well. Okay, have to admit it, it’s already out there for a few months but it’s too special not to mention it!

While listening to this album it’s almost like your listingen to an old compilation from the famous ‘That’s Soul’ series. Ofcourse it’s meant to be like that. This 10 piece band is not trying to invent new music, it’s all about making good soulful and funky music inspired by the sixties and seventies from the past era. A groovy rhytmsection, a growling hammond, some spicy guitars, tight horns and three vocalist are taking you from the raw Stax/Atlantic-sound to the exciting funkescapades by the master himself: James Brown.

Most of the songs on the album are Soul Snatchers Originals and will be givin’ you this great deja vu-sensation. And ofcourse …. lot’s of people on the dancefloor. MARCEL HAERKENS // OOR Magazine