I wish I’d had a chance to play with Jimi. But that’s okay – he’s playing with Coltrane now.” Miles Davis at Hendrix’ funeral, september 1970. Jimi Hendrix passed away 40 years ago, but his music is still relevant and an inspiration to many. Hendrix himself has always been inspired by the jazz and soul of his time. Reason enough for Scallymatic Orchestra to embark on a tribute tour at the end of the year. SO will interpret Hendrix’ music in their own way: not the regular guitarshow, but a cross-over of vintage rock with jazz, soul and ’70s grooves (aka the Scallymatic Sound). Indeed, the freedom of the grooves, the energy and ‘space’, the solid riffs and great songs are all typical ingredients for a blasting Scallymatic show, which will be supported by a VJ as well. On vocals SO presents the talented and upcoming Soul Mack. Tour from november 2010 untill september 2011.