Although this title is not on the sleeve of the CD, my I-Tunes reads the disc as being called ‘Jazz And Beyond’ and it’s an apt title (and obviously it’s original title). It is a compilation of original versions and remixes of bands on Social Beats in Holland in the Nu-Jazz style.

I don’t like all of the tracks here as I tend to feel that I’ve heard the jazz quartet with a 4×4 bass drum’ or big band with a 4×4 bass drum’ formula so many times now: first with Italy’s Nicola Conte (who, let’s face it, totally over did it) and followed by Finland’s Ricky Tick label. It’s a sound that works but I’m a little tired of it. It’s like saying one can’t dance to jazz without a metronomic bass drum pinning it down. That said, as always, Social Beats are a very classy label and there are some fantastic moments here, particularly ‘Damn The Beat’ by DJ Maestro and Sven Vigee, ‘Spy’s Metaphor’ by Monsieur Dubois and the Houdinis ‘Catch 22 – Jazz Invaders remix’ amongst others, which will grace the finest of left-field dancefloors the world over. – Snowboy