Laura Vane & The Vipertones must have stepped into a time machine, how else did they manage to write and record an album of such fine quality and distinction during last years busy touring schedule? ‘Sugar Fix’ the follow up album to the highly acclaimed self-titled previous release, will stop you dead in your tracks, as the powerful pop-soul starburst hits you straight in the face! Laura Vane, beautiful, sultry powerhouse of a soul voice will uplift you to new sugary heights and then gently rock you to sleep at night, backed by the tightly honed Vipertones. This combo is a pair of wings that have met and are about to take flight! The album is out now in NL and will be worldwide on June 10th. Recently they played Radio Rijnmond, Giel Beelen 3FM and Mijke’s Middag Radio 6. Check the album now on iTunes