Spring is here and so is DelMontis! Lets describe the sweet, juicy chunks of music that DelMontis produce. Firstly you take DelMontis and slice it in two. The first piece is the sticky finger lickin’ talents of pianist/organist Frank Montis, with his knowledge of the Hammond trio’s of the Sixties . He translates these influences through his delicious vocal style and a deeply rooted love for groove music into the glowing songwriting for the band. The 2nd slice is Saxophone player Rolf Delfos, known from The Houdini’s and The Jazzinvaders. Rolf adds creamy Sax to Montis’ thick chunks of groove by pouring over lashings of catchy melodies and steady horns. Curious for this fresh and fruity cocktail of Soul, Jazz, Gospel and Funk? Check this band out and listen for yourself. {cms_selflink page=’delmontis’ text=’Read more’}