Just as the winter starts to finally set in, you find yourself more and more indoors, at home looking wistfully out of the window at the cold naked trees, dreaming of the lighter and longer days… You don’t know what you will do with yourself until 2012 comes round… Fear not! Laura Vane and The Vipertones have a plan, something to put a spring in your step and thaw the ice from the end of your nose!

For the first time ever Laura and the guys invite you to give your very own spin on their music with the promise of a world wide digital release through Unique Records / Social Beats and possibly feature on their remix album planned for April 2012. So if you want your music to reach far and wide and join the ride with Laura Vane and The Vipertones, this new competition might excite you.

All the files which make up their funk flavoured ‘110%’ taken from their 2nd album ‘Sugar Fix’ are made public for download on their soundcloud page and anyone is free to do just this. Tell your friends, tell your workmates, tell your Mum and tell your Mum’s friends. Laura and the guys really wanna hear what you all have to offer!

Here are the simple steps to getting started on your remix and entering the competition!

  • Download all the files from soundcloud and then you can start to build your own 110%.
  • Brag to all your friends that you have started to create an exciting remix and recommend that they follow you by sharing this page. Be the leader amongst your friends for this movement!
  • Once your baby is born, you have added your finishing touches and tweaks and you are ready for us to hear it, you can email a WAV or AIFF file to info@lauravaneandthevipertones.com using Wetransfer or Yousendit BEFORE 1st MARCH 2012.

Laura Vane and The Vipertones, Unique Records and Social Beats will take every entry very seriously and will get back to everyone who gets involved in this cool new opportunity. The deadline is 1st MARCH 2012. The prize is a world wide digital release on Unique Records/Socialbeats in 2012. This competition is open to anyone. Don’t waste any time, get your remix absolutely how you want it then submit it to Laura Vane and The Vipertones!